Thursday, October 1, 2009

New President, same storey, better acting.

Tehran has begun renewing its nuclear research program and insists it is developing the program for energy purposes, but many nations think Iran wants to make nuclear weapons and will be able to do so in the near future.The existence of the second uranium enrichment facility prompted President Obama and the leaders of Britain and France to publicly chide the Islamic republic and threaten further sanctions last week at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Is it just me or have when been here before? When do we get to hear the speech about how they have "weapons of mass destruction" and declare war on them and liberate some oil fields. Only time will tell if Iran chooses to conform to what is being asked of them by the U.N. Ex-President Carter hopes Iran will allow international inspectors in as he respects "Iran's right to purify uranium and plutonium to use for nuclear power". I think it is wrong to push Iran around just because they are not 100% for what America and the U.N. are doing. If you just saw two of your neighboring countryside be invaded and occupied by America i think you would be a little shaken. Wether Iran is producing nuclear weapons or not i think it has the right to presue its defense. After all if it were to develop nuclear weapons i think they would be more of a deterant than an actual threat.

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